Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Beyond the Fall by Diane Scott Lewis

Back Cover Blurb:

Tamara Ledbetter, dumped by her arrogant husband, travels to Cornwall, England, to research her ancestors. A trip first planned with her soon-to-be ex. While in a neglected cemetery, she scrapes two fallen headstones together to read what's beneath, faints, and awakes in 1789. Certain she's caught in a reenactment, she fast discovers she's in the year of the French Revolution, grain riots in England, miners out of work, and she's mistrusted by the young farmer, Colum Polwhele, who's come to her aid.

Can a sassy San Francisco gal survive in this primitive time where women have few rights? Could she fall for Colum, a man active in underhanded dealings that involve stolen grain, or will she struggle to return to her own time before danger stalks them both?


Before their planned vacation to Cornwall England to research her ancestors, Tamara Ledbetter’s husband suddenly reveals he is in love with another woman. Her world is tossed into upheaval. She decides to take the trip on her own. There, in an ancient cemetery, she examines an old headstone and shifts it to see another hidden behind it. Thus she is transported into the year 1789. After being rejected by her ancestor and evicted from his estate, a handsome young man named Colum Polwhele comes to her rescue and gives her temporary refuge. But Colum is not all he seems. He is involved in some dangerous undertakings. As Tamara becomes embroiled in the turmoil, the bond between her and Colum grows.

Time travel novels are always great fun and this one is no exception. The author has an easy-to-read style and the story unfolds at a quick pace. This story drew me in from the beginning. A dash of mystery, a dash of humor, and a dash of romance and the result is a charming romantic story that engrossed me and made me forget the world around me. Nicely drawn characters and accurate historical details make this a great little read. Diane Scott Lewis is one of my favourite historical romance authors and I follow all her releases. This is a great little novel well told. Very highly recommended!